Weirdly Interesting Here's What Happened To The Woman Who Modified Her Body To Look Like A Human Barbie Doll  

Mick Jacobs

Hopefully you vacuumed recently, because this video is about to make your jaw drop all the way to the floor. When people desire body modifications, they often seek out more than just one procedure. For certain folks, their look needs to be exactly right.

Valeria Lukyanova is one such person. After undergoing numerous surgeries, this Ukrainian model now looks like a human Barbie doll. That's not a side effect, either - it's the whole idea.

While a pleasant idea in theory, a real-life Barbie doll can make for a jarring sight, as  many of the proportions defy basics of human physiognomy. This is because Barbie herself boasts a figure that a human cannot replicate, at least not naturally.

But this doesn't dissuade Lukyanova in the slightest. Because of her artificially constructed appearance, she created a name and a brand for herself; after all, Barbie's whole thing is that she can be and do anything she wants. To get a better sense of how and why she aspires to "Human Barbie" status, watch the unforgettable video below.