The Imitation Game Movie Quotes

"The Imitation Game" tells the based-on-a-true story of Alan Turing, the brilliant cryptologist who, while hiding a big secret of his own, helped crack the Nazi Enigma code which helped win World War II. The historical thriller was adapted by Graham Moore from the book "Alan Turing: The Enigma" by Andrew Hodges. Directed by Morten Tyldum, "The Imitation Game" opened on November 26, 2014.

In "The Imitation Game," mathematician and cryptologist Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) is approached by members of the military (including Mark Strong and Charles Dance) who enlist him to help crack the Nazi Enigma code, a highly sophisticated cipher used by the German military. While many say the code is uncrackable, Alan accepts the task and brings on a team to help him, including Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley).

But Alan isn't strictly interested in cracking the code once, he intends to essentially create the first computer which in just moments can crack a code instantly any time is it called upon. This plan, however, is endangered when the military loses patience for this computer dream and starts to suspect one of his team members is a Soviet spy. To make matters worse, Alan has a secret, his homosexuality, one that if is exposed, surely means criminal charges.

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    Just a Mathematician

    Just a Mathematician
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    Alan Turing: "I'm just a mathematician."
    Joan Clarke: "Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine."

    Alan is feeling down about himself but luckily Joan is there to give him a pep talk. Just because no one expects a mathematician to crack the uncrackable code doesn't mean one can't.
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    Enigma is Unbreakable

    Enigma is Unbreakable
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    Maj. Gen. Stewart Menzies: "This war, we're not winning it. If you speak a word of what I'm about to show you, you will be executed for high treason."
    Alan Turing: "It's beautiful… It's the greatest encryption device in history and the Germans use it for all communications."
    Cdr. Alastair Denniston: "Everyone thinks Enigma is unbreakable."
    Alan Turing: "Well, let me try and we'll know for sure."
    Maj. Gen. Stewart Menzies: "Mr. Turing, do you know how many die because of it?"
    Alan Turing: "I don't."
    Maj. Gen. Stewart Menzies: "Three, while we've been having this conversation."

    Members of the military call upon mathematician and cryptologist Alan Turing to help them crack the uncrackable, the Nazi Enigma. Alan was up for the challenge when he first saw it, a feeling that was only intensified when they told him just what is at stake.
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    You Need All the Help You Can Get

    You Need All the Help You Can Get
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    Joan Clarke: "You're going to need all the help you can get and they are not going to help you if they do not like you."

    While Alan has the brains for the operation at hand, as Joan reminds him of, he does need some social skills if he truly wants to be successful.
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    Six Minutes to Complete the Task

    Six Minutes to Complete the Task
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    Alan Turing: "You have six minutes to complete the task."
    Maj. Gen. Stewart Menzies: "Is it even possible?"
    Alan Turing: "No, it takes me eight… You finished?"
    Joan Clarke: "Yes"
    Alan Turing: "Five minutes and 34 seconds…"
    Joan Clarke: "You said to do it in under six."

    When Alan does admit that he needs help, he brings in a bunch of folks to take a test that he himself would fail. Surprisingly, one person passes, Joan Clarke.
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    Our Patience Has Expired

    Cdr. Alastair Denniston: "Have you decrypted a single German message?"
    Alan Turing: "You will never understand the importance of what I'm creating here!"
    Cdr. Alastair Denniston: "Our patience has expired."
    Hugh Alexander: "If you fire Alan, well then you'll have to fire me."
    Nock: "Me too"
    Peter Hilton: "And me"
    Hugh Alexander: "It better bloody work."

    Instead of going for the quick crack, Alan has created essentially the first computer, which could hypothetically crack any code in seconds. This progress, however, is not what the military wanted and they are not willing to wait around for his grand discovery.
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    I'm Designing a Machine

    I'm Designing a Machine
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    Hugh Alexander: "You know, to pull off this irascible genius routine, one actually has to be a genius."
    Alan Turing: "I'm designing a machine that will allow us to break every message, everyday, instantly."

    When faced with a near-impossible task, Alan doesn't just stop there. He wants to not just crack the Enigma but also make it so they can decrypt those messages immediately.
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