13 Fan Theories About 'The Incredibles'

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The Incredibles universe leaves a lot of questions unanswered. What is the deal with little Jack-Jack's powers? Why does Violet have black hair when her parents and brothers are blonde or ginger? And don't even start with Syndrome. 

Interestingly, The Incredibles fan theories actually have some crossover with Toy Story and other Pixar movies; after all, Disney's CGI Universe is confirmed to be unified.

Here are a bunch of theories about The Incredibles that might make you laugh, cry, or both. Hopefully, they don't ruin the movie for you. 


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    Edna Mode Is A Reformed Villain

    Redditor/u/5thcircleofnell has an explanation for Edna's... peculiarity. This Redditor believes Edna was once a villain, making a five-point argument:

    1. Edna has a throwaway line about not looking back/dwelling on the past because it's distracting. This may be in line with her need to forget her days of villainy.
    2. She seems to be overzealous about seeing heroes in danger or witnessing dangerous combat, almost to a pathological level.
    3. As 5thcircleofnell puts it, "Her entire facility is somewhat villainous. The style is severe and imposing. It's equipped with auto-turrets, flame throwers, and explosive ordinance. It's surrounded by a gate and has armed guards. Now, other Supers and those associated with them live in hiding, but they don't seem to feel like they're in any sort of danger in their day-to-day, and neither does Edna; she has those things because she likes them."
    4. She seems to be very contemptuous of her guards, perhaps because they're actually governmental handlers as opposed to guards. Either way, her disdain for them is somewhat villainous in and of itself.
    5. She made a suit for Jack-Jack. The Parrs/Incredibles never even considered a suit for the infant, but because Edna thinks like a villain, she accurately predicted Jack-Jack would become a target of Syndrome.
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    Edna Sabotaged Syndrome By Making Him A Cape

    Superhero fashion mogul Edna Mode is strongly opposed to capes for very practical reasons, but what if that practicality was born from trauma? The wrinkly-writer tumblr hosts a compilation of discussions and theories surrounding Edna, Stratogale, and capes. Stratogale was only in The Incredibles for a moment during the montage conveying the danger of capes; she was the one who got sucked into the turbine of a jumbo jet.

    Later in the movie, we catch a glimpse of her record, which specifies she was a high school student. The theory goes that Edna's aversion to capes is so strong because she feels responsible for this death. But! The theory also speculates Syndrome came to her for his costume design, wanting to follow in Mr. Incredible's footsteps, and she built in a cape to sabotage him, knowing he was villainous.

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    The Government Was In Cahoots With Syndrome To Wipe Out The Supers

    The Government Was In Cahoots With Syndrome To Wipe Out The Supers
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    Redditor/u/HoneybeeHound has an incredibly cynical theory suggesting Syndrome's genocide of superheroes was actually sanctioned by the government:

    "Remember those government agents in The Incredibles? Their job was to watch the Supers while they were retired to make sure they didn't reveal themselves to strangers. They run the relocation program. When Mr. Incredible throws his boss through several walls, an agent offers to relocate him then decides it would better to wipe away everyone's memory MIB style. So their job is to watch Supers so they could prevent situations like that. If there job is to watch Supers, why didn't they do anything or show concern when Supers were disappearing? How did they not know that they were being escorted to Syndrome's island? That was like their main job right? According to the film, a majority of the Supers were killed, so its weird they chose to not care.

    That is unless they were working with Syndrome or at least tolerating his experiments. Syndrome was the best solution on dealing with the Supers. Killing them off meant the government didn't have to spend a fortune protecting them and cleaning up their mistakes. In exchange, Syndrome was making high tech for the government. Syndrome was a business entrepreneur - he had to have high end customers. It makes sense he would sell to the suits. He betrays them when he takes over the city, but still no one gave a sh*t when he killed Supers. Who would miss them if they appeared like seclusive ordinary citizens? The suits weren't expecting the Incredibles to make it off Syndrome's island alive."

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    Despite His Claims, Syndrome Actually Is A Super And His Power Is Intelligence

    Redditor/u/FrankWest21CP doesn't believe Syndrome's assertion that he lacks powers, but instead thinks it's possible he possesses super intelligence:

    "Very early in the movie, Buddy (later known as Syndrome) admits that he has no powers but makes up for it with his inventions. The first invention we see are his rocket boots, and later on we see a myriad of brilliant gadgets such as zero point energy, tiny bombs, life sign scanning probes, an artificially intelligent battle robot, etc.

    All of these brilliant inventions make me think Syndrome actually did have a super power: Super Intelligence. Seriously, you surely have to be one smart cookie to craft such incredible pieces of technology, right?

    One might say Syndrome wasn't actually very smart because he made some really idiotic mistakes, such as letting the Incredibles live, using a cape, underestimating his battle robot's intelligence, etc. However, I think that these mistakes have more to do with his arrogance than his intelligence. He was so smart that he considered himself infallible and unbeatable, which caused him to grossly underestimate his enemies. This lead to his master plan failing almost immediately as well as his death."