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Small Details From The 'Incredibles' Series That Fans Noticed

March 3, 2021 2.7k votes 454 voters 88.4k views14 items

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Animated superhero epic The Incredibles and its amazing sequel are two of the most beloved Pixar films of all time. Some fans have decided to go to Reddit in order to share some hidden details of The Incredibles films that many viewers missed. 

While some of these hidden details are light and fun, others are extremely surprising and may even leave some fans scratching their heads in disbelief. Check out these hidden details about The Incredibles below, and don't forget to vote!

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    Violet Is The Combination Of Her Parents' Suits

    Photo: The Incredibles / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    Redditor u/-Captain-Price- points out the significance of the daughter's first name. 

    Incredibles (2004) - Elastigirl’s original suit was red and Mr. Incredible’s suit was blue. Their first child’s name? Violet.

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    The Painting In ‘The Incredibles 2’ Has A Deeper Meaning

    Redditor u/Justsoinsane points out that in the sequel to the Pixar classic, a picture in a hotel room is more than meets the eye.

    In The Incredibles 2, the painting in Helen’s hotel room is an illustration of her separation from the family.

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    The Letter States The Truth

    Photo: The Incredibles / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    Redditor u/necromundus points out some truth involving Bob's workplace. 

    In The Incredibles, the letter on Mr. Huph's desk states Insuricare has recorded its highest profit in years, despite Mr. Huph's claims that Bob is hurting the company's profits.

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    The Mr. Incredible Pez Dispenser

    Photo: The Incredibles / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    Redditor u/minimitch39 points out that a meta pop culture reference that gives a nod to the film's main character is present in the movie.

    In The Incredibles (2004) at the start of the scene where Mr. Incredible meets Elastigirl, a thief is going through a woman's purse, which has a Mr. Incredible Pez dispenser.

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