13 Small Details In 'The Incredibles' That We Missed As Kids

The Incredibles is one of the most beloved movies in Pixar's library and there are tons of small details packed into it so when you rewatch as an adult there are new things to notice that you would have missed as a kid. These are some of the best details the Internet has spotted over the years.


  • 1. Raised With The 'Roommate'

    Raised With The 'Roommate'
    Photo: Reddit
  • 2. Mr. Huph's Memo

    Mr. Huph's Memo
    Photo: Reddit
  • 3. Downburst

    Photo: Reddit
  • 4. Animator Elevator

    Animator Elevator
    Photo: Reddit
  • 5. Disappointing Origins

    Disappointing Origins
    Photo: Reddit
  • 6. Violet

    Photo: Reddit