The Internet Is Having Too Much Fun Mocking Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s GQ Interview

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Vote up the memes that nailed Hollywood's cringiest couple

Actress Megan Fox and rapper Machine Gun Kelly want you to know that they're Hollywood's hottest couple. That's why they recently sat for an interview with British GQ, one that features a lot of bizarre anecdotes, professions of love, and deeply cringe tidbits like this one:

But the internet hasn't reacted exactly the way Kelly and Fox (and their respective publicist teams) may have hoped: Twitter has been flooded with memes mocking MGK's bizarre "I am weed" pickup line. Take a look at some of the memes and jokes about this interview below and vote up the ones that made you laugh. 

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    Weed Killer

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    Please Stop Telling Me About These People


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    Literally Can't Look Away


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    PR Backfire


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    The Role Models We Deserve


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    Probing The Limits Of Hotness


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