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Social Media The Internet Reacts to Mitt Romney Dismissing 47% of America  

Brian Gilmore
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Mitt Romney really does not care about half of America. On September 17, 2012, MotherJones released a secret camera phone video of Mitt Romney making a speech to about 30 major contributors to his campaign. In this speech he said that the 47% of the country who "doesn't pay income tax" aren't his concern. After marginalizing almost half of the population of the country he'd like to govern, pretty much anyone with an opinion made it known either in Tweet, article or meme form. This is the very best of the Mitt Romney 47 Percent Meme, or the funniest internet reactions to Mitt Romney saying he doesn't care about 47% of America.

We all knew he was pandering to the rich, but I don't think that anyone could have guessed the extent to which he really does not even begin to care about the poor.

These are the most poignant, funny tweets about Mitt Romney's attack on the lower class in America. Reddit chimed in with some, as did Tumblr and, of course, 4Chan.

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The Crushing Difference Between the Candidates


The #RomneyEncore Hashtag is Born

Then a lot of people starting weighing in.

And, of course, some people just don't know how to read:


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