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Social Media The Internet Reacts to Rick Perry's Debate Gaffe  

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At a Republican Primary debate on November 9, 2011, Texas Governor Rick Perry was attempting to name 3 governmental departments he would seek to dissolve as president. After listing off the Departments of Commerce and Education, Perry forgot the third agency he meant to name. After a prolonged, embarrassed pause, and a few attempts to dodge the situation or change the subject, Perry then admitted his mistake, laughed and said "oops."

The gaffe set off a torrent of criticisms and jokes online, particularly on Twitter, with many pundits, bloggers and even some Perry fans declaring his campaign officially over. (Among the political journalists riffing on the error and declaring Perry DOA were Ezra Klein, Andrew Sullivan, Ann Coulter and even Matt Drudge.)

Perry spoke afterwards to reporters, using self-deprecating humor and conceding that he had "stepped in it" earlier. (He also clarified that it was the Department of Energy he meant to identify.) But it seemed likely that the damage had already been done, with Perry's stock dropping on the betting site InTrade and general sentiment concluding that he was not ready for the national spotlight.

What follows is a list of the funniest Internet reactions to the Rick Perry "oops" moment. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.
The Gaffe
The Joke That HAD to Be Made
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Video: YouTube
If ever a situation called for Keyboard Cat to play someone off... this was it.
Hey Rick, Nice Shot

Let no one say that comedian Jim Norton does not tell it like it is. Ouch. (For those who don't get the reference, Pennsylvania politician Budd Dwyer famously arranged to kill himself while being broadcast on television. It's called Google, folks!)
Rick Perry Fans React on Facebook

Buzzfeed has assembled a most excellent list of Rick Perry fans commenting on, making excuses for and just generally lamenting their candidate's complete nationally televised meltdown. Here are a few of the choice posts:

Yeah, do we really want a President who remembers all of his children's names and his address? (Presumably, that would be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. See, I remember it and I don't even live there!)

Never before has a Facebook avatar been so appropriately chosen.

Of all the excuses offered for Rick's stumbling appearance at the debate, this one was the most heartbreaking. If Perry really does have some sort of serious illness that caused him to forget his own platform, we're all going to feel pretty bad about all of this comedy tomorrow.

The post that perhaps catches the prevailing sentiment of the moment among Perry fans better than any other.

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