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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced in June of 2012 that they would divorce after 5 years of marriage. Cruise and Holmes have a daughter together - the 6-year-old Suri - of whom Holmes is requesting sole custody. Their union represented Cruise's third marriage - he had previously been hitched to Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers - and Holmes' first. This latest 2012 celebrity breakup came just weeks after another iconic couple - Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis - announced they would be separating.

Cruise and Holmes had made headlines consistently throughout their relationship and later marriage. Their age difference - Cruise was 49 when they married, Holmes 33 - was a much-discussed topic, as was Cruise's continued devotion to the Scientology religion. The actor's erratic behavior around the time of their marriage - which included a much-mocked segment on "Oprah" in which Tom bounced on the couch in glee - also made headlines. So naturally, when the announcement came that the couple would split, the Internet lit up with one-liners, memes and TomKat memories. (The fact that Adele's pregnancy was announced at nearly the same time on the same day also provided fodder for online comedy.) These are the most amusing, interesting or strange internet reactions to the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce.

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