Total Nerd The Joker's Goriest Moments Will Force You To Look Away  

Mick Jacobs

Everyone knows the Joker takes pride in being one of the most twisted and cruel villains in the entire DC universe. As this video shows, however, the depths of the Joker's depravity may truly know no limits.

Over the years, the clown prince of crime committed horrible atrocities against heroes and villains alike, delighting in disfigurement and destruction to a degree unheard of among the bad guys who lust after power and control.

The Joker isn't above turning these sadistic tendencies against himself. In some more unsettling depictions of the character, the Joker actively takes part in his own mutilation as part of his sick games.

Of course, Batman and the people of Gotham pay a higher price than the Clown Prince of Crime ever does. Watch the video below to learn about his goriest moments, among the most gruesome moments in the entire DC realm. But don't say you were never warned.