The Largest Barack Obama Campaign Contributors (2012)

The largest Barack Obama campaign contributors in 2012 include individuals who've given major donations to the Democratic incumbent president's re-election efforts. Obama's top contributors include individuals who've given through super PACs (including the Obama-affiliated Priorities USA Action PAC) and corporations. Keep in mind, though, that the donation totals for corporations include money given by employees and their families within these companies -- not the actual companies themselves.

Barack Obama's top 2012 donors include employees at technology companies, universities and healthcare companies. Some of the largest Obama contributors also include individuals who've given millions to super PACs (the same goes for presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney). For more information on who's given the most with regard to major political action committees, check out this list of the largest Super PAC donors (and how much they gave).

All total, as of May 2012, Barack Obama had raised well over $255 million in campaign contributions, compared to Mitt Romney's $121 million. As the money continues to pour in, this list of the biggest Obama campaign contributors is expected to grow. To see how Mitt Romney is doing, you can check out this list of the largest Romney campaign contributors

Who are Obama's top contributors? Take a look at this list and see for yourself.
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  • Microsoft


  • University of California

    University of California

  • DLA Piper

    DLA Piper

  • Google


  • Sidley Austin LLP

    Sidley Austin LLP

  • Harvard University

    Harvard University