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'The Last Boy Scout' Is Basically A Parody Of '90s Action Movies

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In 1991, the film that Roger Ebert dubbed "the future" was released on an unsuspecting world, leaving nothing but chaos and awful one-liners in its wake. The Last Boy Scout is truly one of the most bananas '90s action movies ever, and fed into the stereotype of '90s fever dreams by making fun of its own awareness. 

The movie is all overblown bravado and a limitless amount of ammo. Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans star as a pair of mismatched, down-on-their-luck, cool guys who handle every situation with a smirk. Threaten their lives and they shrug; drop them off an overpass and they take a bow. The Last Boy Scout has gone down in history as one of the most ridiculous '90s thrillers ever made, but that’s exactly what filmmakers were going for. 

  • 1. It Opens With A Football Player Pulling Out A Side Arm In The Middle Of A Game

    The film begins with the quarterback of the LA Stallions receiving a phone call from a mysterious voice that tells him to start throwing some touchdowns or else. Rather than put on his game face, quarterback Billy Cole takes PCP before he hits the field. During the game, he takes the lives of three players and then turns the side arm on himself after running into the end zone. 

    It's not only a wild start for an action movie, but it also lets the audience know exactly what they are in for. Regardless of your affinity for '90s thrillers, something that everyone can appreciate is the cameo appearance by future Tae Bo guy Billy Blanks

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  • 2. The Finale Is Over The Top

    In order to clear their names, keep gambling out of football, and save a senator, Hallenbeck and Dix take part in a series of unbelievable action sequences at the end of the film. Dix rides a horse through a football game to cause a distraction while Hallenbeck climbs scaffolding above the crowd, where he gets into a fistfight with a sniper. Dix throws a football at the senator to save him, and Hallenbeck throws the assailant into a set of whirling helicopter blades before doing an Irish jig. 

    While speaking with The Telegraph, screenwriter Shane Black explained the film's ending was the result of multiple rewrites: 

    I was forced to do more rewriting on that movie than on anything else I’ve done. There was tremendous pressure from the studio to get Bruce Willis and have this be a follow-up to Die Hard. He was reluctant, and rightly so: "This whole movie is about me saving my wife. I just did that in Die Hard." So they said, "OK, let’s minimize the wife, and while we’re at it, add a big finale." There was a general pressure to somehow make it bigger.

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  • 3. The Action Is Straight Out Of A Video Game

    Everything about this movie is over the top - the outfits, the dialogue, and especially the action. Characters have their nose bones punched into their brains, Jimmy Dix falls off an overpass onto a car, and the ammo seemingly never runs out. 

    The action sequences in the movie resemble those of a '90s video game, meaning they are fairly unbelievable. At one point, Dix crashes a car into a random bad guy, pinning him against another car. This bad guy, who is somehow still alive, sprays ammo into the car without leaving so much as a scratch on our hero. 

    One of the most unbelievable scenes involves Willis using his daughter's hand puppet to hide a side arm. He tells a few jokes with the puppet before taking out at a bunch of bad guys with the children's toy. 

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  • 4. Damon Wayans's Character's Outfits Are Over The Top

    Throughout the film, Damon Wayans wears outfits that would make Deion Sanders blush. He wears leather pants, a genie hat, a white leather jacket with a lot of fringe, and a deputy's badge. 

    It's clear that Shane Black and director Tony Scott are making some kind of commentary on the clothing choices of young, affluent sportsmen, but the ultimate message is left up to the viewer. 

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