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The Last Drive-In Viewer Requests

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List RulesThis list could go on forever, so I'm trying to keep this as close to the Top 150  "Most Requested" list o'fright flicks as I can (plus Pinocchio's Revenge ;). I've removed the ones that were on here that we showed in Season 2, so help me show JB what you want in Season 3 by voting up your faves (or adding ones to the 2nd list that haven't made it to the MOST Requested yet.)

Here's a list of what I *think* are our most requested films to show on #TheLastDriveIn. Please vote so we can let The High Sheriffs at Shudder know what films you want to see Joe Bob break down for ya during Season 3.

Thanks for being part of this with us, #MutantFam (or #MutantArmy, if you prefer ;). xoxo


UPDATE: I've now added a second list for the lesser known/less popular films you want to see. If your choice doesn't make it onto our Most Requested, click my profile pic to mosey on over there to add it to have it voted on by your fellow #Mutants. Mr. JB will see ALL your requests, and if any film gets enough upvotes I'll add it to this main list. :)