'The Last of Us': HBO Cast Vs. Game Characters

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Good screen adaptations of video games are notoriously rare, but if any property has potential, it's The Last of Us. Originally released in 2013, its complex characters, heart-rending moments, and breathless action sequences in a post-apocalyptic setting easily set it up for success beyond the gaming sphere.

So, in 2023, armed with a solid record in prestige TV, some fairly cinematic source material, and a cast of big names like The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal and Game of Thrones's Bella Ramsey, HBO decided to take the plunge into making the much-awarded game The Last of Us a series.

Here are all the cast members revealed so far, as well as how they compare to their in-game counterparts. Vote up the cast members you're excited to see take on their characters.

Editor's Note: The images used are from the most recent version of the game with updated graphics - 2022's remake, The Last of Us Part I.