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The Last Witch Hunter movie quotes take viewers into a supernatural world where one immortal witch hunter must battle to save humanity. The fantasy action movie was written by Cory Goodman, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Directed by Breck Eisner, The Last Witch Hunter opened in theaters on October 23, 2015.

In The Last Witch Hunter, Kaulder (Vin Diesel) was long ago granted immortality by a Witch Queen, though as a curse rather than a perk. Because of his special condition, Kaulder has been assigned priest friends known as Dolans to protect over him. So when the 36th Dolan (Michael Caine) is about to retire and a 37th Dolan (Elijah Wood) is preparing to take over, this is a poor time for Kaulder to be faced with his toughest battle yet.

Kaulder must again save the world from assured destruction, but this time, he must do it in the Dream World where he does not have immortality. He must also align with a fellow witch hunter and witch herself, Chloe (Rose Leslie). With his life at risk, a fresh new Dolan by his side and an unlikely ally, this war will surely push Kaulder to levels he has not yet seen.

The Last Witch Hunter had good competition when it opened in theaters alongside the likes of Bridge of Spies, Goosebumps, The Martian, and The Intern.
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What It's Like to Live Forever

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Dolan 36: You have tasted more of life than I can ever imagine but your story has no ending.
Kaulder: Do you know what it's like to live forever?

As Dolan 36's time with Kaulder comes to an end, the advisor and friend looks back on their time together. Dolan sees Kaulder's immortality as a blessing but Kaulder sees it as a curse.
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Take Me to the Dream World

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Kaulder: You're a dream walker. Get out. I need you to take me to the dream world. It's the only way to fight what's coming.
Chloe: If you die in there, you die out here.

While Kaulder seems a little confused on what he wants Chloe to do, his revised directive involves her taking him to the dream world. She can do that, but warns him that his immortality in the real world does not carry over to the dream world.
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Who Says That a Witch Can't Hunt Witches?

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Chloe: Who says that a witch can't hunt witches?

Surprising everyone by noting that she's an ally of Kaulder, Chloe discusses her desire to go against her own kind and hunt witches while being one herself. It's a bold strategy. Let's see if it pays off.
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You've Got Me

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Dolan 37: Shouldn't I have a gun or an iron mallet or something?
Kaulder: You've got me.

Despite wanting to work with Kaulder his entire life, Dolan #37 doesn't seem to confident in Kaulder's abilities to keep both of them safe. Kaulder has no time for that nonsense.