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Joseph Welkie
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In the WWE, the audience must suspend their disbelief for a bit, particularly when it comes to ridiculous WWE attacks. From sorcerers to undead giants to men from outer space, the worst WWE attacks in practice are less skirmish-oriented, more Cirque du Soleil. Obviously this can make for more entertaining TV and some remarkable finishing moves. But sometimes the combat gets too hard to watch because what you see on screen gets too ludicrous.

Most fighters wouldn't be phased by attacks laced with break-dancing moves, and while an ass to the face might offend them, it likely won't lead to a KO. But wrestling, like virtual reality, is all about illusion and escape, and no one can argue the imagination behind these WWE moves that probably wouldn't hurt anyone. So open your mind, and take a look at some of the silliest, most ineffective, and ridiculous attacks in the WWE. 

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The Head Crush

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The Great Khali was a giant of a man in WWE, but this move always felt gigantically useless. Just smashing a dude's head? That's it? Aside from it being actually impossible to crush someone's skull like that, it just looks ridiculous.

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The Rear View

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Naomi slamming her big ol' booty into your face sounds lovely, but honestly doesn't sound too painful. In fact, many people would probably welcome such a move.

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The Stink Face

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While awful looking, and definitely an unpleasant experience as a whole, Rikishi's Stink Face doesn't appear to be all that painful. Just someone rubbing their butt in your face? Some people out there would just call that "tossing a salad."

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Chris Jericho's finishing move, the Code Breaker looks stunningly stupid. Though it's supposed to smash the knee into his opponent's face, it just looks far more painful for Jericho, who jumps and then lands on his back. You would be hard pressed to find a world where this move is considered an offensive maneuver.

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