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The LEAST Green Cars of 2012

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This list of the least green cars of 2012 is determined by the rankings of the ACEEE (the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy). Each year, the ACEEE looks closely at a vehicles fuel efficiency and other factors to determine both the most green and the least green vehicles on the road. 2012's list of the least green cars includes some extremely popular SUVs and pickup trucks, along with a few rare, extremely fancy sports cars. Which vehicle ranked the lowest as far as greenness? Check the list to find out.

The 2012 list of the least green cars stands in sharp contrast to the list of the greenest cars of 2012. The most green vehicles on the road tend to be subcompact or at the very least compact cars for the most part. The least green vehicles are much larger, and they get terrible fuel economy. These are the true "gas guzzlers" of the car world, without question. Where the greenest vehicle on the road is electric (the Mitsubishi i-MIEV), the least green vehicle of 2012, the Chevy G3500 Express, gets just 10 MPG (city).

If you're driving one of the vehicles listed here, you're leaving a mammoth-sized carbon footprint. Each of the least green cars from 2012 has terrible gas mileage, but other factors are considered in the rankings, as well, including emission standards. Anyone looking for a fuel efficient, actual "green" vehicle, will not want to purchase any of these cars, trucks and SUVs -- though if you can afford a Bugatti Veyron, you probably could care less about gas prices, efficiency or anything else for that matter.

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