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15 Small Details From 'The Little Mermaid' That You May Have Missed

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Many people's childhoods are firmly rooted in the Disney classics. The Little Mermaid will always stick out to us, with its incredibly catchy score and brightly colored backdrop. A slew of passionate fans managed to find some small details about our favorite characters from under the sea and we definitely didn't notice them the first time around!

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    The Painting In Ariel's Cavern Is Of Mary Magdalene

    Photo: The Little Mermaid / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/bcdubbs382:

    In The Little Mermaid, the painting shown during "Part of Your World," is a painting of Mary Magdalene called "The Penitent Magdalene With the Smoking Flame" by 17th century artist Georges de la Tour.

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    Ursula Uses A Butterfly In Her Transformation

    Photo: The Little Mermaid / Buena Vista Pictures

    From u/amanyggvv:

    In The Little Mermaid, Ursula uses a butterfly (a symbol of transformation and mimicry) in the potion to transform herself into 'Vanessa' - which is a genus of butterfly.

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    Ariel's Hair Appears Dark At First Which Is Why Ursula Chose Brown Hair Instead Of Red

    Photo: The Little Mermaid / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/owlingthrough2:

    In The Little Mermaid, when Ariel rescues Eric from drowning and sings to him, she is backlit making her hair appear dark brown/black. It makes it even more conceivable that Eric believes the dark-haired human version Ursula was the one woman that rescued him.

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    Well Known Characters Can Be Seen In The Crowd During King Triton's Entrance

    Photo: The Little Mermaid / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/welshie123:

    In The Little Mermaid, during the opening scene with King Triton. Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Kemit all make a cameo appearance.

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