The Longest Lasting Celebrity Marriages

Keeping the gossip magazines in business, celebrity couples are always hooking up, breaking up and making up, but there are a handful who have stood the test of time. The longest lasting celebrity marriages include some marriages that would seem short in the real world, but in celebrity marriage time, it's an eternity.

Though rare, a select few of the longest celebrity marriages have lasted decades, with a couple even making it to the half-century mark. That in itself is a big accomplishment for any couple, celebrity or not. What's the secret? Faithful celebrities? Total devotion? Let's look at the longest marriages in Hollywood history and see what we can find.

Interestingly, one trend seems to be the norm for many of these couples. Male actors apparently make long-lasting husbands as many of the top actors from the past 50 years are on this list including Tom Hanks, Michael J. Fox, Paul Newman, and Kirk Douglas.

Some Hollywood marriages have lasted, but which is which celebrity marriage has lasted the longest? Whether it's a faithful and successful man, a reasonable woman, good chemistry, or something else that accounts for the success of these relationships, these fine stars prove that celebrity marriages need not last only a few months.