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The 47 Loudest GIFs on The Internet

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These are the loudest GIFs on the Internet. Found on popular sites like Reddit, the following noisy GIF images make no actual sound but seem like there is. Thanks to the subreddit /r/noisygifs as well as various online sources, we found these cool GIFs that you can inexplicably "hear." No sound comes out of the GIFs included in the list below, but when you see the images, you know exactly what's going on in terms of audio. We dare you to look at these images without hearing various noises like "Boom," "Pow," "Crash," and "Hi-Yah!"

Some of these noisy GIFs take you right in the middle of the action, from a semi barreling down the highway and hitting car, to the loud roars of a space shuttle just seconds before lift-off. There are also animated image files below that contain captions that bring the GIF to life. You will even recognize scenes from famous movies such as "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and "The Hangover" even though it's only a GIF image and no sound is coming out. Our brains are filling in the sound associated with these visuals, which shows the impact that Hollywood and the media have on our thoughts. Some GIFs on the list have subtitles that lets the images "speak" for themselves or you can simply understand what their mouths say and fill in the audio with your imagination.

The sounds these GIFs make are obviously just an illusion (a really cool illusion) and others might hear something different, although we doubt it. Enjoy the following loudest GIFs found on the Web and up vote for your favorites. Want more? Be sure to check out Ranker's lists of the best Daft Punk GIFs of all time and gallery of the 50 greatest Reddit upvote GIFs.
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    Boing... Thud. Boing... Thud.


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    Boom Boom Boom Boom


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    Boom! Aahhh!


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