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21 Things About the Magic School Bus You Never Realized Are Super Messed Up

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Ms. Frizzle, the science witch who operated the Magic School Bus in the '90s, is one of the most frightening characters in children’s entertainment that the world has ever seen. Not only does she kidnap her class on a routine basis and restructure their molecules, but she drives a flying bus that seemingly runs on good vibes – and she hasn’t shared how that technology works with anyone. What’s your problem Frizzle? But that’s not the only Magic School Bus messed up fact. There are so many creepy and weird things in this show that it makes you wonder if the show was pulled off the air because of the disturbing images it was presenting on television.

Because it was broadcast on PBS, the adult jokes in Magic School Bus feel even dirtier than the adult references put into regular cartoons. No one wants their kids to start parroting quotes about “white stuff” when they’re supposed to be learning about how plants grow. The Magic School Bus adult jokes and straight up nightmare scenarios on this list are enough to make you reconsider ever letting your children watch educational programming again. After all, if they’re going to watch something as messed up as Magic School Bus then you might as well just let them watch Reservoir Dogs and call it a day. Vote on the most messed up things that you can’t believe were actually on the show. 

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    Watch Out For White Stuff

    While learning about how chlorophyll works inside a beanstalk, Wanda (a child) is blasted in the mouth with a mysterious white goo that she later describes as sweet. Sorry Magic School Bus, but you're off to TV jail. 

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    Ralphie, An Idiot Child, Is Allowed To Drive The Bus

    Why would Ms. Frizzle let Ralphie, arguably her worst student, drive a school bus? Not only does he lack the basic comprehension that allows everyone else to understand weather, but he's not tall enough to drive a bus! This is a gross misuse of power. 

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    The Theme Song Begins With A Student Begging For The Field Trip To Be "Regular"

    Don't you just love it when the song at the very beginning of the show you're watching reminds you how much the characters don't want to be there? What's more terrifying, the fact that Arnold is horrified at the thought of the fresh Hell he'll be enduring?

    Or the rest of the students taunting him immediately afterwards?

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    The Kids Are Almost Trapped In The Zoo Forever

    When Ms. Frizzle tries to show the students what it would be like to be animals, the bus turns itself into a bear and runs away - leaving the students caged up in the zoo. How is this is a children's show and not an episode of Black Mirror?

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