Plot Holes From 'The Mandalorian' That Fans Couldn't Help But Notice

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The Star Wars canon is about as vast as the galaxy in which it's set. It must be a constant struggle to maintain continuity among dozens of different stories. Disney+'s The Mandalorian is the newest narrative in the canon, and although it has filled plot holes left by its predecessors, it has opened a few of its own.

The Mandalorian is a series, though, which means it has plenty of time to resolve the plot holes on this list. That's the benefit of an ever-expanding canon: there'll always be opportunities to correct old mistakes. These are the biggest plot holes found in the new hit series. 

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    How Does Din Djarin Not Know Boba Fett?

    How Does Din Djarin Not Know Boba Fett?
    Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+

    From Redditor u/thorinilix:

    This is the only plot hole that bothers me in the whole series. Din Djarin is a Mandalorian bounty hunter who is a part of the bounty hunter guild. How in the world does he not know who Boba Fett is? Here you have who has always been referred to as “the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy,” and he also is known for wearing Mandalorian armor. Slave I is even recognizable. To put this in perspective, it would be like a pro basketball player who doesn’t know who Michael Jordan is. It doesn’t make sense.

    Edit: I would like to add that Din Djarin appears to be very familiar with Tatooine, a place that would be especially familiar with Boba due to his Hutt connections.

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    The Marshal's Armor

    The Marshal's Armor
    Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+

    From Twitter user Fandom Menace Girl (@FandomMenaceGrl):

    Why didn't Boba Fett take his armour off The Marshall when they were both on Tattooine, instead of tracking Mando -a much tougher opponent - all over the galaxy?

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    Bo-Katan And The Darksaber

    Bo-Katan And The Darksaber
    Photo: Star Wars Rebels / Disney XD

    From Redditor u/MisterMoosequito:

    In the new episode Bo-Katan denies the saber as it is only won through combat. But in Rebels she takes the saber, no questions asked, from Sabine. She says something along the lines of “I take this in the name of my sister and Mandalore.” Did she just... change her mind? Why is she so hesitant to take it now?

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    Baby Yoda Wanted Dead Or Alive?

    Baby Yoda Wanted Dead Or Alive?
    Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+

    From Redditor u/DocJawbone:

    I'm just rewatching The Mandalorian while killing time in isolation. I'm loving it even more on the second viewing, but I did notice an inconsistency.

    In the first episode, Mando is told that they want the baby alive, or that they would accept proof of termination for a reduced reward.

    However, after he has teamed up with IG11 and finally found Baby Yoda in the bandits' complex, IG11 raises his weapon and points it at the baby, saying something to the effect of "I'm sorry but the commission was very explicit." Mando then shoots IG11 and takes the baby back himself.

    In Episode 3, when Mando goes back to rescue the baby, he uses his scope to earwig a conversation between the Imperial warlord and the doctor, where the doctor says they were "explicitly ordered to bring the baby back alive."

    What is going on here? The only explanation I can think of is that IG11 was commissioned by someone else, who wants the baby dead, perhaps to stop the ex-Imperials from doing whatever experiments they want to do on it. But why would the warlord tell Mando he could kill the baby if necessary as long as he proved it was dead?

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    What's With The Wheels?

    What's With The Wheels?
    Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+

    From Redditor u/chumjumper:

    In a universe with ubiquitous hover technology, why would the Empire use wheeled vehicles to transport incredibly volatile substances?

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    Facial Recognition

    Facial Recognition
    Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+

    From Redditor u/MarkiPol:

    So in the episode, Din has to remove his helmet so he can get Moff Gideon's location. The explanation is, Mayfeld (Bill Burr) can't go in to the officer's mess to get to the terminal because he could potentially be recognised (proven irrelevant later). So Mando has to go and do it himself. Mayfeld doesn't think he will do it because it has to "scan your face", but he does it anyway in order to save Grogu.

    So the plot hole is, doesn't it recognise that the face being scanned doesn't match the one on file, which is Mayfeld? This is literally just Face ID, which is on millions of devices around the world already, so it doesn't seem like a stretch it would be in the technologically advanced Star Wars universe.

    The only explanation I can think of is that his login was shared between his division or whatever and the facial scan is just for logging purposes, not identification.

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