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The Martian Movie Quotes

The Martian movie quotes follow what happens when one astronaut is mistakenly left on Mars with few resources, no way to communicate and little chance to survive. The science fiction film was directed by Ridley Scott using a screenplay Drew Goddard adapted from the book of the same name by Andy Weir. The Martian opened in theaters in 2D and 3D on October 2, 2015.

In The Martian, the Ares NASA mission sends a crew (including Matt Damon, Kate Mara and Jessica Chastain) on a multi-year journey to Mars. While on the red planet, the crew encounters a storm which, they believe, kills astronaut Mark Watney (Damon). To save themselves, they leave Mars, leaving Mark behind, and head back towards Earth.

But Mark was not in fact dead and later awoke to find himself alone on the planet, 50 million miles from home, with few resources. As if trying to make food, water and shelter to last him four years, the time it would take to send a rescue mission to get him, was not hard enough, Mark also has to find a way to communicate with earth and convince NASA (including Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Donald Glover and Sean Bean) to risk the lives of other astronauts to rescue him. None of these tasks are anything close to easy.

The Martian is just one of several highly anticipated films opening in the fall of 2015 alongside The Intern, Hotel Transylvania 2, Everest, Black Mass.
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    It's Space. It Doesn't Cooperate.

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    Mark Watney: It's space. It doesn't cooperate. I guarantee you that at some point, everything's going to go south on you. You're going to say, 'This is it. This is how I end.' Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work. Here's the rub. It's going to be four years for another mission to reach me and I'm in a lab designed to last 31 days. So I gotta make water and grow food on a planet where nothing grows. But if I can't figure out a way to make contact with NASA, then none of this matters anyway.

    Astronaut Mark Watney explains how space is unforgiving and life is finite. He also provides an overview of the film, where he is stranded on Mars with few resources and little chance to make it home alive.
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    Going to Have to Science the S#!^ Out of This

    Mark Watney: Okay, so let's do the math. I have enough food to last for 50 days. So, I'm going to have to science the s#!* out of this.

    Knowing that his limited resources could very well lead to his death, Mark discusses how he plans to survive. Among other things on his task list, making water, growing food and securing shelter. No big deal, right?
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    I'm Still Alive, Surprise!

    Video: YouTube

    Mark Watner: My team thought I was dead. NASA thought I was dead. This will come as quite a shock to my crewmates and to NASA and to the entire world but, I'm still alive. Surprise!

    In a video he records, Mark Watney explains how he managed to be left alone on Mars. Everyone thought he was dead but, surprise, he's very much alive.
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    The Greatest Botanist on This Planet

    Video: YouTube

    Mark Watney: I am the greatest botanist on this planet.

    When Mark grows food on Mars, he proudly proclaims that he is the greatest botanist on the planet. He is also the only botanist on the planet, not that this fact is important.
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