Graveyard Shift If Your Teeth Fall Out In Your Dreams, This Is What It Means  

Mick Jacobs

Because of the nature of the human brain, people often experience the same common dreams. They may not make sense in the heat of your slumber, but a bit of research may tell you a bit about why your mind came up with these visions.

A frequent and frightening nightmare for many people involves their teeth falling out one-by-one. While it sounds relatively tame in the scheme of nightmares, losing your teeth without warning would frighten even the bravest of souls.

As scary as it can be, a dream like this might be your mind's way of trying to tell you something. Dreams, like stress, health, and physical energy, are also affected by changes in your life, even seemingly trivial changes you'd never imagine would change how you sleep.

Naturally, the body tries to help you realize how these changes affect you in any way it can. Unfortunately, sometimes it resorts to some rather scary reminders.