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When He Got Shot In The Face, His Skull Stopped The Bullet And He Became A Legend

You may not recognize the name Joseph Greenstein, but perhaps you've heard of the "Mighty Atom." He was one of the world's strongest men despite being born three months premature and so underweight that doctors didn't think he would survive his infancy. Born in Poland in 1893, the Mighty Atom was frail and small when he was young, but he transformed himself physically and mentally to become a famous performer.

The Mighty Atom came from humble beginnings. He joined a European circus and learned from a mentor how to perform various feats of strength. Over the years, he made the news for his incredible stunts. He also used his powers of strength to combat those who opposed him and his beliefs. He is credited with fighting anti-Semites and others who challenged him. He also helped raise money for war efforts and taught law enforcement officials how to protect themselves.

Like Frank Lentini, the three-legged man, and Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, Greenstein used his personal peculiarities to his own advantage.