film 14 Reasons The Mighty Ducks Franchise Was The Biggest Hot Mess Of The '90s  

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While phenomenally popular with audiences in the early-to-mid '90s, the Mighty Ducks franchise didn't receive much love from critics. This lack of critical acclaim is likely due to the fact that the Mighty Ducks franchise is a hot mess. Confusing things about The Mighty Ducks range from gaping plot holes to technical errors so obvious they're laughable. While you may have embraced the corniness of these films as an optimistic '90's kid, you'll question your childhood tastes when you re-watch the films as an adult. 

There are so many things in the Mighty Ducks movies that make no sense, it's hard to know when to begin. The premise is absurd, the filmmakers clearly knew little about hockey, and some of the goofy childhood pranks dished out are intensely cruel. If you reconsider these childhood favorites, you'll find them among the many movie franchises with serious problems. Seriously, there are a lot of confusing things about the Mighty Ducks movies.

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The Catalyst Of The Franchise Is Ridiculous

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The catalyst of The Mighty Ducks, and the franchise spun from it, is alcoholic Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) getting a DUI and being forced to coach little league hockey as punishment. What self-respecting judge would think this is a good idea? The legal ruling was essentially, "Hey! You're a big drunk. Why don't you hang out with kids?"

While the film makes it clear Bombay’s legal connections helped him evade serious punishment, it’s dubious coaching little league would be the slap-on-the-wrist sentence of choice for the judge. Imagine backlash from parents who find out their children are coached by an alcoholic with no experience with kids and a history of reckless driving. If the judge wanted to let Bombay off easy, surely he could have picked a less controversial form of community service.

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Under No Circumstances Is It Safe To Drive On Ice

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Coach Bombay gets chewed out by Charlie’s mother, Casey Conway (Heidi Kling), early in the first film for having his chauffeur drive around on a frozen lake with children in the car. Instead of apologizing for his poor behavior, Bombay doubles down on his position and insists that – as he grew up around the ice – he knows exactly when it’s safe to drive a car over it.

When is it safe to drive a car over ice? It turns out, never.

While ice can technically support a car when it’s eight-to-twelves inches thick, ice is rarely the same thickness throughout a single body of water. Haphazardly driving across ice is not recommended, as you never know where ice may thin. Not to mention, for safety purposes, it’s recommended you use tools like chisels and ice augers to check the thickness of the ice before walking, skating, or parking a car on it. Bombay simply pulled up and drove over the ice without taking any such precautions.

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There Are So, So Many Continuity Errors

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In the beginning of the first Mighty Ducks film, Goldberg (Shaun Weiss) claims he won’t be the team’s goalie for long, as his parents are moving back to Philadelphia. This never happens, and it’s never discussed again. While moving plans can change, it’s odd the line was included in the film at all, given it had no relevance to the plot and was never followed up on. Then again, continuity errors are par for the course for the franchise. This includes technical errors.

In one scene in the first film, Adam Banks (Vincent Larusso) is seen cheering from the bench right before he's seen scoring a goal on the ice. More or less the same error is repeated in the second film, when Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson) is seen playing on the ice and then immediately seen on the bench talking to a coach. In the third movie, there are multiple incidents in which characters speak while their mouths are clearly not moving. Go ADR!

Another fun Charlie Conway fact - he's credited as "Charlie Conroy" at the end of the film. Seriously. 

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The Flying V Is Hella Illegal

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While hockey is often thought of as a wildly violent sport, it has pretty strict rules regarding when and how physical contact can occur. One such rule states you cannot check a player who’s not in possession of the puck.

The Flying V is a patented Ducks move in which the players get the puck, form a v-shaped line and proceed to plow through the rink, pushing down anyone in their path. In reality, if a little league team pulled such a stunt, it would land half the players in the penalty box pretty fast for checking the entire opposing team.