Weird History The Mirny Diamond Mine Is Possibly The Most Mysterious Hole That Actually Exists  

Mick Jacobs

The Mirny Diamond Mine, one of the largest man-made holes in the world, is full of more surprises than just pressurized carbon. The video below lays out the history of the famous mine, as well as the dangers associated with it.

Located in the eastern portion of Siberia, the mine, also called the Mir mine, is considered to be the fourth-deepest man-made hole in the entire world. At 1,722.44 feet deep, it could fit five Statue of Libertys stacked on top of one another.

This great depth makes the mine a prime spot for locating diamonds, but it also creates a lot of danger. The air gets bone-chillingly cold in the lower parts of the mine, and its construction presented all sorts of challenges to those in charge of creating it.

Despite all these dangers, the mine reopened back in 2009 (it had previously closed in 2001) and continues to produce diamonds to this day. Watch the video below to learn what makes the Mirny Mine so treacherous to not just those on the ground but also those in the air.