The Most Alarming Effects of Everyday Actions 

Lauren Slocum
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We'll start out with an apology, because after reading this list on the most alarming effects of everyday actions, you may lose trust in every label, marketing scheme, environmentalist, and activist out there. You might become a compulsive fact-checker or a conspiracy theorist, constantly wondering what good things are actually bad things, rarely leaving the house but always looking over your shoulders when you do. You'll probably start using incognito windows for every Internet search to make sure the government isn't onto you. So, like we said, we're sorry.

But the world is getting crazy out there - everyday we're put in situations that compromise our health and sanity, and most of the time, the world around us is encouraging this behavior. If we're constantly competing against social norms, trends, media, Hollywood, moral obligations, taboos, etc., how the heck will we ever know wrong from right? From the war on drugs to chemicals on our produce, humans are forced to treat life like a murder mystery, constantly sniffing out what's harmful, what's immoral, and what's detrimental to our planet. 

So to help you out, we've created a list of common, everyday actions that have direct negative effects on you or other people. Fortunately and unfortunately, many of these items will probably make you reconsider the way you're spending your time and money. So read through this list of alarming everyday effects, and brace yourself for some disturbing game changers on life as you know it.
Eating Nutella Is Contributing to Deforestation
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You think you're just enjoying one of the most delicious treats of all time, but you're really destroying the forest. According to Ségolène Royal, France's ecology minister, the palm oil used to make Nutella, a delicious chocolatey hazelnut spread, is produced by growing oil palms, which displace other trees, leading to deforestation.
Drinking Almond Milk Is Contributing to the Drought
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You think you're drinking a glass of dairy-free deliciousness (and you're feeling pretty good about yourself), but in reality, your love of almond milk is contributing to the crazy California drought. Because almonds require so much water in comparison to other California crops, almonds have been quite the controversial product over the years. 
Getting Your Nails Done May Lead to Employee Abuse
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You think you're supporting a small business and treating yourself, but you're actually supporting slave-like working conditions. Before you treat yourself to your next mani/pedi, consider the chilling facts uncovered in this New York Times article on the exploitation of nail salon employees. 
Buying Organic Produce May Still Be Hurting the Planet
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You think you're choosing the healthier, more planet and health conscious option, but where the produce comes from equally effects the environmental impact. Let's say you live in California and you buy an organic avocado, but it comes all the way from Florida. Now you're contributing to the cost and the emissions required to transport that avocado all the way across the US. 

Buying organic produce is great, but there are many factors you should consider before buying dry goods and produce at the store. If you have the option, buying from local farms is usually your best bet.