15 Reasons Why You Are the Most Annoying Person on Facebook

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Vote up the things people do on Facebook that annoy the heck out of you.

You instantly thought of at least one person when you saw the name of this list: 15 Reasons Why You Are the Most Annoying Person on Facebook. (We all thought the same thing.) It's that person that no matter how much you love them or how great of a friend they can be in real life, they are without a doubt the most annoying person on your Facebook. This is a list of the 15 things that make for the most annoying person on your Facebook. Luckily for you, you aren't that person. No way... #OhHellNo #It'snotme #Normalfacebookuser 

Oh, and you may want to make sure that somehow that annoying friend of yours on Facebook takes a look at this, too. Think of it as your good deed of the day...or an investment in you and your friend: Hopefully, you won't have to deal with some of these annoying things that they do anymore, and hopefully they get a clue.

Arguably, each of these 15 things that make you the most annoying person on Facebook holds the same weight as far as the level of their annoyance factor goes, but we'll leave it to you to decide. Vote up the ones you feel make for the most annoying person on Facebook.

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    Newsflash: We All Know Your Life Isn't So Great

    Newsflash: We All Know Your Life Isn't So Great
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    You're the person that incessantly talks about how wonderful things are: "The kids are amazing!" "My significant other is so sweet to me all the time!" "Look at all these amazing experiences I'm having!" "Look at all these new things I just bought!" So... you know that we know you, right? Your kids are disgusting brats, your lover cheats on you, you need booze to get through the day, and you're broke. We know it. Stop trying to trick us into believing otherwise.
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    You Can't Get Enough of Yourselfie

    You Can't Get Enough of Yourselfie
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    You don't know why, but you just can't get enough of yourself! I mean, omg, you look so damn good right now, the rest of the world really should see this... So you take a selfie of you in your car... You scantily clad in a mirror... You walking the dog we used to think was cute til we saw it 22 times a day... You in a bathtub... You trying on a new outfit at the store... You and allllllll your amaaaazing besties... You naked with your "hopes and dreams" covered up just so... We get it, you love yourself. You love yourself so damn much. Well, here's a fact for you: Every time you show us how much you love yourself, we hate you just a little bit more. And #WeHateDuckFace.
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    We Don't Care About Your Love Life

    We Don't Care About Your Love Life
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    Every date you go on, what you plan to wear, where you should go, what you should say... "omg what do they think of me," "omg best date ever," "when will they call," "why won't they leave me alone," "omg they love me so much, look at what they just bought me today," "omg even though we broke up they're still so madly in love with me, they keep calling me all the time..." We don't care, you look dumb, and we hate you. And if your prospective lover/current lover/former loves sees all your pathetic outpouring of a personal matter, they most definitely hate you, too.
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    You Are the Feed Clogger

    Doesn't matter how infrequently we log on to Facebook, it's a sure thing that every time, you will be there, posting over and over again, clogging our feeds with your minute-by-minute updates of your pathetic life. Ever hear the phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder?" If not, here's a tip: stop posting about how cute your dog looks right now and go look it up. It'll do wonders for you (and your relationships). How do you do it? How do you manage to always be there? 

    Oh, and btw... Have you noticed how people aren't responding to your posts so much? They've blocked you from their feeds. So by this point, you could very well be oversharing in a vacuum. But it's not too late: Try scaling back to posting once a week. Watch your social standing in real life improve in no time. Sure, you may go through withdrawals, but you will live. Til then, we hate you.