The Most Anti-Gay US Politicians

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U.S. politicians who have used anti-gay rhetoric or who have pushed for legislation that takes rights away from the LGBT community

Who are the most anti-gay US politicians? The list is a long one, including politicians from both parties (though a majority are Republican). The politicians listed here have spoken out vocally against gay rights, most notably gay marriage.

Anti-gay politicians are the elected leaders whose rhetoric is often totally over-the-top against LGBT rights. Their voting record on key civil rights issues speaks for itself. Some of these conservative politicians are members of the US House of Representatives, while others are US Senators.

Former GOP presidential candidates are also on this list, including former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum and former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Both have been vocal and steadfast in their opposition to gay rights for years - Santorum even compared gay marriage to sex with dogs.

Who are the anti-gay politicians? This list features Republicans and Democrats against gay marriage.

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