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The Most Badass Dog Names For Your Tuff Pup

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What makes for a badass dog? Is it a dog who will protect your house at all costs and always barks when intruders lurk near? Is it a dog who is simply content chilling on the couch without trying to dip its snout in your nachos? No matter how you describe a badass dog, they come in all shapes and sizes. And that kind of dog deserves an equally cool name to go with its temperament. This list of badass dog names is bound to have something that will catch your fancy. If you have just adopted a new pooch, then this is the list you need to read through. 

There is one thing all of these names have in common. They invoke a sense of strength and toughness. They will make anyone who hears it shiver in terror. They will think twice before grabbing a bone out of your dog's mouth. These are tough, cool names that may be perfect for your pup. 

This list has tough girl dog names and strong boy dog names. They work for virtually any breed, so start reading through them. And then, you and your fellow dog lovers can vote for the names you like best. 

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List Rules: Vote up the best, most fitting names to give your badass dog.