These "Cursed Images" Are The Most Uncomfortable Things You'll Ever Encounter On The Internet

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Anyone who believes in plagues, scourges, or real-life curses will want to turn away from a collection of cursed images. On the web, unsettling cursed images include all manner of troublesome and downright unacceptable pictures that bear the misfortune of being terrible and aesthetically unappealing. Because of their awful appearances, the worst cursed images on the Internet compel you, the viewer, as much as they repulse you. Try as you might, you cannot turn away; instead, you can only scroll further and further through Instagrams like this, losing sleep and valuable work time as you learn the visual world's sins one post at a time.

While some cursed objects take their time in revealing their burden, cursed images divulge their jinx right off the bat, rocking their curse the way Regan MacNeil rocked green skin and the neck of an owl. Cursed photos range in subject matter from animals to animated body parts, but they all manage to get under your skin. If you thought Stanley Yelnats and his family were cursed, wait till you fall into this hole.

Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY