Every Single Type of Cake, Ranked by Deliciousness

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The best types of cake also qualify among the best desserts in the world. But which kinds of cake are the best? What's your favorite cake? Does the classic chocolate cake take the crown? What about carrot cake? Anyone game for pineapple upside down cake? Or do flavors like vanilla and Angel food appeal to your palate? The best types of cake from every culture are included here. If you're looking for a crowd-pleasing dessert, consult this list for ideas on different types of cakes that people love the most.

Whether you think the best cake flavors are Funfetti birthday cake or that there's nothing better than a frozen ice cream cake, if you ate everything on this list of cakes, you may never get out of the heavenly food coma that results. Seriously, who doesn't love cake?!

Take a look at the list and rank your picks for popular cakes and the most delicious cake. And if you can't find your favorite among the long list of different kinds of cakes, you might just be a pie person. And that's ok! If you want to weigh in on the cake vs pie issue, join the debate of the most delicious pies. Or you can have your cake and eat ice cream, too, because there are even more delicious dessert lists like the best ice cream flavors for you to peruse. Nom! 

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