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The Most Delicious Pies

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List RulesOnly sweet - not savory - pies. Tarts OK.

What's better than walking into a restaurant to find a bright bakery case filled with dozens of kinds of pies? Nothing. The most delicious pies are some of the best desserts, whether made of light creamy sugary stuff or filled with fruit and topped with pastry. Not everyone is a pie person; in fact, a debate rages over which is better, cajes or pies. This, however, is a list of the best pies in the world. Some are the best pies in a certain state, some are the best desserts period, but whether you're a master of the Pillsbury Bake-Off or a weekend chef, there's nothing wrong with a tasty pie any time.

Whether you think pies with fruit are the best or stand solid that cream pies are the best pies, there's a tasty dessert for everyone on this list. It's not a list of pie recipes, just a list of pies voted on from best to worst by users like you. Don't see your favorite pie on the list of the best pies? Make sure to add your favorite pie so others can know it has a place among the best desserts in the world.

What are the best pies? What are the tastiest pies? What are the most delicious pies? Are pies better than cakes? Are tarts pies? Is Boston Cream Pie a pie? The answer to that last one is no, but to answer all those other "what is the best dessert" question, this list of delicious pies is the place to be.

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