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Weird History The Most Disappointing Object-Throwing Incidents in History  

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Sometimes, people get mad. Hey, it happens. Some do nothing. Others push their rage down into a little ball in their stomach and wait for it to explode out all over loved ones at inappropriate times. And some even attend public events looking for the person who made them mad and then throw things at them.

Many of these provocateurs actually succeed in hurling objects at hated public figures, leading to scandalous headlines and - often - some measure of hero-worship from the public at large. Others, however, fail completely, letting down others who share their beliefs and thus qualifying for this list of the most disappointing object-throwing incidents in history.

These are cases where throwers went after big, massively unpopular targets, and then failed to live up to their full potential. They yearn for the pie to hit that filthy rich CEO in the face or for that shoe to clock that lying American politician, only to be thwarted by a basic lack of aim and coordination.

Clearly, if you are going to risk life and limb to go to a big event and chuck something at a famous person, make sure you get in some PRACTICE first. Train for a few weeks. Take this seriously. The entire world is watching you, and a missed opportunity lets us all down.

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs an Egg

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In September 2003, fitness guru, film star and maid-lover Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the campaign trail trying to win a spot as California's Bankruptiest Governor. (It went okay!) During a stop in Long Beach, The Man Who Was Mr. Freeze was hit by an egg while he walked through a crowd on his way to the podium.

The F*ture Governator didn't even flinch when the egg struck him and kept right on his merry way. (He doesn't stop walking for anything less than a nail gun. Haven't you seen the guy's movies?) His security team went on to remove his egg-stained jacket, after which Schwarzenegger joked about the incident, stating that the egg-thrower now owes him bacon. That's really the best way to foil an egg-thrower. Kill them with kindness!
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Steve Ballmer vs Eggs

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Here's a great start to any story: So Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was giving a speech at Hungarian University in Budapest...

With an opening like that, you can't really go wrong.

Anyway, Ballmer's giving a talk to Hungarian university students and conducting sort of a Q&A with them, when a protester stands up wearing a "Microsoft=Corruption" T-shirt. (All the rage these days at Hungarian Apparel, and only 100 Hungarian Forints for a Men's Small!)

The protester then proceeds to loudly accuse Ballmer of stealing billions in Hungarian taxpayer money, after which he unleashed a torrent of eggs at the burly CEO, who was forced to seek cover behind a desk. (Utilizing a cover-based combat system? He is the CEO of XBox, after all...)

While Ballmer did manage to avoid scrambled eggs all over his face, Frasier-style, at the front of the lecture hall and was not hit, he could not escape later reports of exactly why the egg-tosser was irate. It appears that Microsoft had won a contract with the Hungarian Government worth about $157 million US, and many in Hungary felt that the bid had been unfairly skewed towards the software giant. So, mission accomplished, Hungarian Apple fan with poor aim! We are now all a bit more informed.
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George W. Bush vs a Shoe

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Back in December 2008, President George W. Bush was disliked pretty much everywhere he went. In other countries, he was seen as a vicious warmonger. In the US, he was viewed as a liar and a fool who had essentially tanked the economy. Basically, if he had gone to Disneyland, they'd have had to chance to sign to say: "A Reasonably Happy Place on Earth."

With only a few weeks left in his term, Bush made a visit to the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Palace in Baghdad, Iraq, for a press conference with the Iraqi media. (You know, that country he invaded. No, the other one.) Despite the strict security, one member of the press, Muntazer al-Zaidi, managed to push through the crowd and angrily lob one of his shoes at the President.

Bush, demonstrating some impressive reflexes, ducked and managed to not get hit at all by the shoe. Two security guards immediately took al-Zaidi into custody and the President laughed off the incident. Two other journalists were also removed for praising the shoe-thrower and calling him "courageous." Bush later said he was used to "attention seekers" like this, noting, "It's like driving down the street and having people not gesturing with all five fingers... I didn't feel the least bit threatened by it."
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Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein vs a Pie

OK, billionaires, politicians and pundits occasionally having things thrown at them makes a certain amount of sense. They may say or do controversial things, and they're always in the public eye. But designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein? Do people just really, really hate pleated pants that much?

Top designers Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld arrived at the Lincoln Center in 2001 to attend the CFDA Awards. Also on hand were members of the animal rights group PETA, who object to Lagerfeld's use of fur. Not to mention pet ownership. That really gets PETA's goat. Also, the expression "gets their goat," which the group finds offensive to goats.

The PETA members began tossing not-at-all-loathsome-sounding (but animal-friendly!) tofu pies at the German fashion icon, putting him in immediate danger of clashing. (The horror!) Unfortunately, the creamy "treats" missed Lagerfeld entirely and wound up on fellow designer Calvin Klein, who was also standing nearby.

Well, still, I mean, they hit a designer, right? A victory all around? Sadly, no, as it turns out that PETA finds Klein to be "a great friend to the animals." Tofu? Not as much. Klein took the pie-ing like a champ, and continued down the red carpet answering questions with pie dripping down the front of his person. He made no comment, but still changed before accepting his award.
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