People Share Stories Of Disgusting Coworkers Whose Cubicles Make Hell Sound Appealing

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Coworkers: you gotta deal with them whether you like it or not. But the grossest coworkers out there push even the hardest of workers to their breaking points. When people share stories of their gross coworkers, it sounds like something out of a sitcom. Based on the gross coworker stories collected below, a lot of people in the world enjoy huffing the stench of both farts and feces. If you thought hard enough about it, you can probably think of a disgusting coworker habit you experienced either firsthand or through another coworker at your job. Gross male coworker stories are basically a dime a dozen, with countless tales of employees recalling moments where they caught their male coworkers engaged in some inappropriate activity.

Below lie some of the grossest things coworkers have ever done, all of which detail the absolute worst trait in an employee: lack of self awareness.

  • He Who Eats Fast Food Every Day (Sometimes More)

    "This coworker sits next to me at the office. He eats fast food at least one or two times a day, every single day.

    "He refuses to eat his food anywhere but his desk and will shovel ten fries at a time into his mouth and chomp on them incessantly. He makes as much noise as possible with the wrappers and slurps his extra large drink like someone is about to steal it from him.

    "Worst of all, when the drink is clearly gone, he will suck harder and make the loud whistling and gargling sound of a drink that is no more.

    "I've dealt with it for so long I can't stand the sight or smell of [fast food] anymore. My friends and I keep a daily tally every time he shows up with fast food - last month, he racked up about 30 tallies.

    "And that's only what we saw for sure." - Cory, Houston, TX to Business Insider

  • Chew On This

    "My coworker has the absolutely worst table manners. She is constantly eating at her desk. She chews as if she were a cow and, to make things worse, she talks with her mouth full in front of customers and while she's on the phone.

    "She chews so loudly, I can hear her even when my door is closed. Oh, she also is forever on the lookout to have someone pick-up her lunch or coffee or do whatever menial jobs she doesn't feel like doing. She is the office bully." - Anonymous for Business Insider

  • What Is Zit?

    "So there's this guy I work with who thinks he's a demon. He tells me that he won't look people in the eyes when he's angry so they don't see his 'demon eyes'. He also says he can feel his powers getting stronger. When we're at the pumps filling up the work truck, he will do his best to get 666 somewhere on the pump. Oh yeah... and he pops his zits on the work truck visor mirror, and then wipes the zit juice on the truck handle." - From The Chive

  • Gross White Stuff (Not The Kind You're Thinking Of)

    "I had to share a cubicle with a guy who never showered. Used to scratch his scalp with the end of a pencil with the eraser taken out, when finished it was full of white stuff. Tried air fresheners, which only made it worse. My friend was the GM so I asked him to say something, nothing changed. It was so bad I started waking up with migraines that lasted the entire day. Finally, the company moved to a new building and I got my own cubicle." - From The Chive

  • Everybody Nose This Is Gross

    From a deleted Reddit user:

    "I saw a coworker pull out a long nose hair and then start picking his teeth with it.

  • Someone Needs A Pore Strip

    From BENDER2778:

    "My Boss will pop his blackheads and eat them; he also eats his earwax and his boogers. When he starts, it's usually a ten to fifteen minute ordeal; he will go through all three disgusting steps and then he uses hand sanitizer. I'm not sure what the point of that is. We share an office so I'm exposed to it on a regular basis, I could go into more detail if needed."