Weird History

10 Eccentric British Aristocrats Who Prove There Are Some Really Strange Ways To Spend Money

Not everyone is capable of handling near-boundless wealth and power. Throughout history, there have been many very eccentric British aristocrats that have used their status and fortune in... unique ways. These strange aristocrats, nobles, and heirs to fortunes squandered their money on everything from $10,000 shoes they couldn't walk in, to a giant personal theater that existed just for their own dance recitals. Some of these crazy aristocrats made well-meaning, if offbeat, attempts to help others, be kind to animals, and protect the environment. Others abused their privilege to bully commoners, terrorize their servants, and just generally cause trouble.

From the lord who wore a beard that reached down to his knees, to the aristocratic who tried (and failed) to ride a bear, the sanity of some of these rich eccentrics is highly questionable.