unspeakable crimes Britain's Most Evil Woman Got Even Creepier After She Went To Prison  

Mick Jacobs

One of the England's most reviled killers is a woman whose name is not widely known on this side of the pond. The video below delves into the story of Myra Hindly, a killer who only got more disturbing after going to prison.

Not that Hindly acted at all normal before her stint behind bars. According to authorities, she killed multiple children as well as her own boyfriend, so she clearly held some creepy tendencies.

Once they put her in the clink however, Hindly only became stranger and creepier. When she wasn't demanding the government refill her Valium prescription, she was volunteering to be hypnotized.

Truly, Myra Hindly had some demons to deal with. Watch the video below to get an idea of just how fearsome those demons were.