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Movie reviews for 'Jack and Jill' are not good. In fact, they're horrible. Fortunately, many of them are downright hilarious, too. Is this new Adam Sandler comedy a 2011 Razzie contender? Seems that way. For kicks, I've compiled some of the most hilariously negative 'Jack and Jill' movie reviews, in an effort to solidify the fact that this one is a true Happy Madison stink-fest. It's quite possible that these funny reviews will elicit more laughs than the actual (comedy) movie. That's not good, is it?

"But wait," you say,"Isn't Al Pacino in this one? And Katie Holmes, too?" Yes, but as you'll read below, even they cannot save 'Jack and Jill.' Bottom line: Critics are throwing around words like "swill" in the same sentence with "fart jokes." If this is your kind of humor, so be it. Good on you, enjoy the movie by all means! But if you're looking to find out how bad (or good) a movie is before you shell out big money at the theater, check these review snippets first, before you round up the family for a fun night at the movies.

Is 'Jack and Jill' the worst film of the year? Hard to be sure. 2011 did bring us 'Bucky Larson' (another Happy Madison production, by the way) and 'Zookeeper' (oh, wait: Adam Sandler/Happy Madison, again! See a pattern here?) Oh and let's not forget 'Abduction,' the movie starring that abtastical Jacob Black 'Twilight' guy. So there's definitely competition for 'worst.' And just in case you absolutely love 'Jack and Jill,' check out some of these quotes from the movie - and add your own!
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Glenn Kenny, MSN Movies

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...typical in that it contains a lot of witless bathroom and ethnic humor, including a sequence at a Hispanic barbecue that features a cross-eyed grandmother who keeps getting hit with a pinata stick and passing out and can only be revived by bring force-fed jalapeno peppers. No, I am not making this up.

When a movie critic has to say "I'm not making this up," this usually means something truly ridiculous is going on. And MSN Movies critic Glenn Kenny points out in his 'Jack and Jill' review, that this is not a good kind of ridiculous. At all.
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Matt Patches,

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Jack and Jill isn't really a movie, but more of an extended Royal Caribbean Cruises commercial with a Dunkin Donuts dance number set to an extended fart exploding from a dragged-out Adam Sandler's buttocks.

Wow, Matt Patches of really hates 'Jack and Jill.' A lot. In his review, he says that calling 'Jack and Jill' a bad movie "isn't strong enough." So he tries to clarify, calling the movie "...a mental destruction - a collision of half-baked comedy sketches, violent potty humor, shrouded racism, shotgun cameos and unapologetic product placement."
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Michael O'Sullivan, The Washington Post

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It is what it is - and, more importantly, exactly what Happy Madison fans want it to be: something unruly, stupid and sort of funny, in the same way - and to exactly the same extent - that passing gas is funny.

To be fair, sometimes passing gas IS funny. But not over and over. After the first one, it gets pretty stinky. Apparently, so does 'Jack and Jill,' judging by 'Washington Post' movie critic Michael O'Sullivan's review of the movie.
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Jaime N. Christley, Slant Magazine

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More bluntly than ever before (and that's saying something), Sandler uses an entire film to let his loyal fans know that he thinks they're all a bunch of stupid *******.

Critic Jaime N. Christley of 'Slant Magazine' isn't pulling any punches in his 'Jack and Jill' review. No, he's writing what I was thinking: Sandler believes his fans are morons who'll plunk down any amount of money to see his latest offering. We shall see.