Unspeakable Crimes The Most Infamous Hackers of All Time  

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The most infamous hackers of all time brought down major companies, stole millions of credit card numbers, created viruses and even did some good along the way. These hackers are the pioneers in the computer hacking world and are some of the best at the sport. These are the hackers that made stole millions of dollars from individuals and companies around the world, shut down military systems, toppled companies networks, and even provided the first iPhone jailbreak. They may not have intended to do harm but with their actions they've become part of an elite group of the most infamous hackers of all time. Plus, they had cool hacker names. Never underestimate a good hacker name.

As some of the most well-known hackers of all time, these hackers were also some of the first. Take Robert Tappan Morris for instance. He created the first computer worm, the Morris worm, and spread it across the Internet. Just as Morris was the first charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, others were the first prosecuted for their crimes, such as botnet specialist Jeanson James Ancheta who hijacked over a half million computers before he was captured by the FBI.

While some, like Albert Gonzalez who stole over $4.3 million by hacking credit card numbers, wanted to profit from their actions, others actually wanted to do some good. Adrian Lamo spent his time locating security flaws in corporate networks, of which he'd notify the company afterward. Too bad he didn't tell the company ahead of time, which made his actions criminal.

Others have changed how we use our everyday devices, such as George Hotz, who is held in high regard in the hacking world for creating the first iPhone jailbreak.

Sure, many of these hackers spent time in prison for their actions, but nearly as many also came out cleaner and now work to help companies protect against these types of security flaws rather than helping exploit them. That there is a sign of greatness on its own.

Who are examples of infamous hackers? This list of hackers will answer that question and more. Take a look at the most best hackers of all time and see for yourself.