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The Most Irritating Characters on The Walking Dead

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Who is the most annoying character on The Walking Dead that you just can't stand? The Walking Dead is a series that’s been able to capture the rare crossover audience of doomsday preppers and zombie fans while making one of the most tense horror programs on television. Through spectacular writing, low budget effects, and the superb acting, The Walking Dead has become one of the best series of the 21st century. But there’s still one massive problem: there are so many annoying Walking Dead characters! And they’re not just on the show for a minute or two; sometimes an entire episode dedicates 47 minutes to an irritating character being the worst. This list of the most irritating characters on The Walking Dead will have you rooting for the undead.

Depending on who’s featured in a particular episode of The Walking Dead, the show can go from good, to great, to downright awful. How is this possible? Well, any time Beth decides to sing, Andrea gets wishy washy about a guy, or Carl does something stupid. And those are just three examples. There are plenty of characters on this list that spend most of the show getting under viewers' skin – and they’re not even dead!

Check out this irritating Walking Dead character list and vote up the characters from the show you think are the most annoying. And if you don’t like the order of the list, feel free re-rank the whole thing. Just be quiet about it, we don’t need any walkers showing up.
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