The Most Memorable Film Sidekicks Ever

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A list of the most memorable movie sidekicks of all time. The collection of colorful and unique characters in the list below represent some of the greatest roles ever played on the big screen. These legends of cinema act as a supporting player to the film's central characters, but it doesn't mean they are less important. Often, the sidekick appears throughout the movie as a confidant to the lead or protagonist but later plays a pivotal role in the plot. At times they provide comic relief to more serious dramas and epic adventures, while other times they end up as the emotional core of the entire storyline.

Trusted sidekicks in a famous film franchise also become some of the most beloved characters of all time because the audience identifies with them more than the hero. A right-hand man or woman offers support, gives advice, loyal to the protagonist and just plain awesome. Other times they turn to the dark side and turn into a cinematic villain, adding a twist or element of surprise to an otherwise boring plot. One thing remains the same, however, when it comes to supporting characters -- they are all scene-stealers. Upvote your favorites from the list of famous film sidekicks below, add characters missing from the list and don't forget to re-rank the list your way.

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