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The Most Outrageous Emmy Snubs of All Time

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Think you know it all when it comes to the Emmy Awards? You may be surprised to learn that a number of favorite TV shows, actors and actresses who seemed deserving never won - and in some cases, were never even nominated - for major awards by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Yes, from long-running hit shows like Married...With Children (which was never even nominated for an Outsanding Comedy Series Emmy) and The Wire, to veteran actors like Michael Landon, Jim Nabors and Nick Offerman, many have been denied recognition by the Academy. Some of the snubbed actors and shows on this list may have managed to snag a nomination or two, but none of them ever won for their incredible hard work and talent. Even worse, many were never even nominated. Read on and be amazed at some of the biggest, most heinous Emmy snubs ever.
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    Desi Arnaz

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    Academy, you got some splainin' to do...For six years, Desi Arnaz made us laugh as Ricky Ricardo, husband of Lucy Ricardo (and real-life husband of Lucille Ball) on I Love Lucy. Yet not once was he nominated for an Emmy? Come on! In fact, of the show's four regular cast members (including William Frawley and Vivian Vance as neighbors Fred and Ethel), Arnaz is the ONLY one who never got the Emmy nod.
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  • In 2006 Hugh was nominated for an Emmy due to his portrayal of Earl of Essex in Elizabeth I. In recent years, his chance of get nomitated again was very high due his work in Hanniblal (2013-2015) as Will Graham, being this his most iconic role, and a complex well developed character. Unfortunately, Hugh never got the recognition for his portrayal.

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    Though it ran for 9 seasons and dramatically helped to change the TV landscape forever (would there be "blue collar comedy" on TV without Dan and Roseanne Conner?), Roseanne was never nominated for a Best Comedy Series Emmy. Several of the show's actors got the nod (most more than once), but the show itself never got the Emmy recognition that many feel it deserved as a ground-breaking look at a lower-middle-class Midwestern family.
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    Lauren Graham

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    Fans of Gilmore Girls, take heart: We know your pain and we understand it. In seven seasons, Gilmore was only nominated for one Emmy, and that was in 2004, for outstanding makeup. (It won, by the way). The fact that the show itself didn't seem to get the Emmy recognition it deserved is bad enough, but overlooking the awesome Lauren Graham? Really? We still love you, Lorelai.
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