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The Most Patriotic Movies of All Time

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List RulesMovies must feature a heavy dose of American patriotism.

The most patriotic movies ever made on the list below will make you proud to be an American. Films celebrating the country's proud heritage and history have long been a favorite theme in Hollywood, and a few have won Academy Awards or been considered some of the best films of all time. Movies have a way of transporting audiences back in time and can even educate them about U.S. history, from movies about the Revolutionary War, to Abraham Lincoln's presidency, to the Watergate scandal. Some films that revolve around patriotism have also been controversial and caused great debate among viewers. This power of cinema to stir up conversation is why Americans love going to the movies.

National holidays like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day have drawn people in to head to the movie theater with family and friends, especially during a long weekend. It might not be as American as apple pie or baseball, but patriotic movies have their own way of commemorating the spirit of all things red, white, and blue. Pop in an epic historical drama on your DVD player or head over to the local theater to watch an action-packed saga and you'll notice they make you feel something (the good ones, at least). Vote for the top patriotic movies of all time that made you feel proud to be an American. It is also an open list, so if you don't see a film celebrating the good ol' U.S.A. then make your voice heard and add your favorites.

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