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The Most Popular Sci-Fi Starfighters

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Few science fiction series set in space DON'T feature starfighters. The vastness of space is like air, and thus the use of fighter craft is logical in this kind of environment. While they have been many series - and films - using space fighter "aircraft", only a few "fi-fighters" emerge as memorable in the minds of sci-fi fans. Here's a ranking for you to decide which are the coolest space fighters in TV, film, anime, and video games. Upvote the coolest sc-ifi fighters that you feel are most deserving to rule outer space, from Star Wars to Galactica to Babylon 5, Stargate, and beyond. 

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    Perhaps of all starfighters, the Incom T-65, otherwise known as the X-Wing from the Star Wars series, is the most recognizable. Built to deliver massive firepower from its four wingtip lasers, the X-Wing was made to counter the maneuverable TIE fighter. It is also equipped with hyperdrive, so it can fly separately from warping capital ships.

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    Colonial Viper

    This space fighter from Battlestar Galactica has an attractive simplicity that makes it well-recognized among sci-fi fans.
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    TIE Fighter

    Star Wars series
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    The star of the movie The Last Starfighter is a wonder among space fighters. Perhaps it can be called the most powerful of space fighters, seeing how the protagonists of the show piloted only one fighter to destroy the entire invading fleet. Not to mention the training for the fighter was done through a video game. And two words: Death Blossom.
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