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The Most Popular Science Fiction Capital Warships

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In science fiction, there is no shortage of space battles. And thus, you have vehicles that carry the combatants in space. The most common idea is that it will be fought with ships. They may be like battleships shooting with huge cannons and lasers, or aircraft carriers releasing either space fighters or giant robots. Some of these combat spaceships have become iconic, since they unique designs and have memorable crew. Not all main spaceships in sci-fi series are warships, so this list will only on ships that are armed for combat, and are capital ships - mostly ships meant for frontline combat. Let's look at a few of these battling behemoths of the galaxies. 
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    Imperial-Class Star Destroyer

    You know that it was called a star destroyer in the movies. But did you know it was actually the Imperial Class, since ships have classes? Anyway, this may be the most iconic among the enemy ships. The arrowhead with a citadel superstructure is full of TIE fighters, AT-ATs and AT-stS, stormtroopers, and occasionally, a Sith lord. It's huge, powerful and deadly. And nice-looking. 
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    USS Enterprise

    This classic ship is not really a warship, but it is armed and shielded just in case. The disc and three tubes design is not only unique, but it is also a symbol of science fiction fandom. Some have said it isn't a practical design and will actually tumble when the drives engage. It always works in fiction, anyway. 
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    Battlestar Galactica

    A classic in space warfare classics, this 1979 series followed the remnants of a spacefaring human civilization as they escape their ruined homeworld from the clutches of robot menaces called the Cylons. From out of the ski-like legs come the Vipers, a favorite space fighter of many sci-fi fans. It was remade in the 2000s into an excellent, riveting series with better special effects - and more sex. But the star of the show will always be the warship itself. 
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    Space Battleship Yamato

    This is considered the premiere space battleship because of its origin and impact on modern culture. While there have been many other battleships, this one was among the flashiest looking and had an interesting history. It was made up from the remains of the famous World War 2 battleship, and it not only carries space fighters, but even has probably the first giant energy cannon weapon carried by a ship. And it, of course, is a symbol of Japanese revival, making it one of the most famous anime of all 
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