The Most Popular Superheroes in Armor  

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Some superheroes don't have powers of their own, but they do so by donning special costumes. Some of these costumes are like the armor worn by knights of old. But these armors are not only lighter or just give protection; they even carry all the weapon systems of the hero, built-in. And since most of these armors are mechanical and electrical in nature, they are called powered armor. Sometimes, they even boost the abilities of the wearer, giving them unprecendented speed and strength. Sometimes, it even gives mental powers. Let's look at among the most popular heroes who use this kind of costume. 
Iron Man
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Thanks to the recent movies and thus boosted sales of comic books, Marvel's tin man is getting more fame than ever before. Despite being a 1960s hero, he was a good concept and continued on into the 2000s, In the movies, he largely maintained the hotshot executive-cum-mechanical genius image, though the setting of his origin was changed from the Vietnam War to the Middle East. 
Starship Troopers
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A science fiction novel that won the Hugo Award in 1966, Starship Troopers may perhaps have the first ever modern portrayal of powered armor. Because the "bugs" they fight are bigger and badder, they need the armor. The 1997 movie failed to portray the armor probably because of budget and effects constraints, but a 1980s anime portrayed the armor correctly. 

HALO's Master Chief
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From the game HALO, the star armored trooper's the Master Chief, so is the most well-known wearer of the Mjolnir armor. He is obviously the face of the series... even if his real face was never revealed (I think). This costume also drew inspiration (as many did) from Starship Troopers. 

The Lensmen
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When it comes to the first ever scientifically powered armor in history, the most likely candidate may be the Lensman series. While the powered armor is at the same time a spacesuit, it is perhaps one of the earliest instances where a suit worn by the hero provides added capabilities. The Lensman series is composed of novels by E.E. Smith written in the 1930s.