Total Nerd The Most Powerful Characters In Marvel Comics  

Jordan Bates

The Marvel Universe certainly has a corner on powerful comic book characters, despite the sometimes slippery nature of the description. After all, what truly is “power?”

Is power defined by sheer brawn and brute force? Psychological ingenuity and manipulation tactics? The biggest, most loving hearts? Divine touch? Or perhaps power is sort of like a “vibe” that draws people to you, like BDE, for example?

Either way, these questions emphasize a point: this power is always up for a debate. Marvel Comics characters with power run aplenty, making the decision even more difficult: does the honorific title go to the Fulcrum? To Thanos? To the Living Tribunal? To Death? To Eternity? To the Hulk?

Watch this video and review your options for who you think is the most powerful Marvel Comics character. What makes them powerful in your mind?