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Locations Around The World That Are Allegedly Hotbeds Of Satanic Activity 

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Whether at organized Satanic centers or simply around some of the old ruins used as Satanic sites around the world, belief in and worship of the fallen angel Lucifer doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Despite the controversial nature of the dark religion and the evil acts its rituals supposedly demand followers perform, there are apparently still many people who enthusiastically pledge their allegiance to Satan, or so these rumors would have you believe.

Cynical after decades of wrongful accusations and a disturbing willingness to find evil in even the most innocent places, today most people roll their eyes at the mere mention of devil worship or Satanic hot spots.

If the greatest trick of the devil is to convince you that he doesn’t exist, the overreactions of the past have certainly paved his way. When faced with ritualistic murders in places with connections to Satanism, the first reaction of authorities is often to deny any involvement with devil worship. No one wants a repeat of the Satanic panic of the 1980s, so it’s best to pretend that Satanic places don’t exist. But do they?

Whether supposedly home to black magic rituals, connected to demonic possession, or the site of ritual murders, collected here are some of the most Satanic cities across the world.    

Turin, Italy Is The Devil’s City
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One of the largest Satanic communities in all of Europe resides in Turin, Italy. According to Archbishop Anastasio Ballestrero, the devil lives here, and in the 1980s, the Catholic Church brought in six new exorcists just to balance the scales and combat the evil energy thriving in the city.

Some say the entrance to the Underworld is in the Piazza Statuto, which is allegedly one of three vertices forming a Black Magic triangle. (London and San Francisco are the other two points). It also forms a White Magic triangle, with the other points being in Lyon and Prague.

Occult and Masonic symbols like inverted pentagrams and winged devils can be found throughout Turin, including around significant landmarks like the Piazza Statuto, the Via Vittorio Alfieri, and the Piazza del Palazzo. It’s said that beneath the city of Turin, the wealthy elite meet with demons and perform Satanic rituals to gain and retain power over the city.

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The Devil Was Chased Out Of Bolsover, England But His Followers Remain
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Bolsover is considered the most Satanic city in all of England. In 2011, seventeen of the 76,000 residents claimed Satanism as their religion on a census. While the number is small, Bolsover has more Satanists per capita than anywhere else in the nation, so it’s now the chief city in England’s “Satanic heartland.”

Hilariously enough, the Church of Satan actually denied the census. They called it a joke and initially insisted no Satanists lived in Bolsover. According to Priestess Serena Malone of the Church of Satan, "We tend to think someone is playing a prank here. While we have many members throughout the UK, that area does not have any exceptional concentration of our adherents."

According to local legend, the devil paid a visit to Bolsover. He demanded his hooves be shod in sturdiest Derbyshire iron. The blacksmith drove a nail deep in the devil’s hoof while fitting him for the shoe, and the Devil took off, furiously kicking along the way. His frantic kick is what caused the famous crooked spire at the Chesterfield Parish Church.

The Infamous Amityville House Is Allegedly Infested With Demons
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The infamous house of horrors in Amityville, New York, has had books and films aplenty spreading its tales of demonic possession and murder since 1977. Regardless of whether the tales of ghosts are real, the fact remains that Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr. slaughtered six members of his own family in that house on November 13, 1974. He claimed to have been hearing demonic voices for some time and said the devil made him commit the murders.

DeFeo wasn’t the only killer drawn to the house. Ricky Kasso, leader of the Satanic cult known as the Knights of the Black Circle, was said to have performed rituals in the house while it was vacant. Then, in 1984, he brutally murdered his friend Gary Lauwers as a sacrifice to Satan.

Ominous Candles Keep Track Of Who Passes The Hell House Of Massapequa
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A house of devil worship in a North Massapequa, New York, neighborhood has been the source of gossip and local lore for years. The looming, brick mammoth of a Victorian is complete with iron gates and a black hearse parked out front. It had a black sidewalk leading up to it until it was eventually painted the same “bleeding’ maroon as the house.

According to locals, candles were always kept in its velvet dressed windows and somehow, the number of candles would always correspond to the number of people in the cars that pass by. If you drove by alone there would be one candle lit. If you came back around after picking up some friends there would be additional candles in the window, one for each passenger in the car.