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The Things Everyone (Including You) Googled in 2017

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List RulesOf the most searched terms worldwide in 2017, vote up the ones you definitely typed into Google at one point.

A look through the most searched terms in 2017 offers a fun glimpse into the cultural zeitgeist and review of the biggest news events in 2017. Google released their list of most searched on Google in 2017 and it shows popular search terms like solar eclipse, fidget spinner, April the Giraffe, bitcoin price, and "what is a hurricane?" Other sites such as Merriam-Webster's dictionary also named their top words of the year based on Internet searches. "Feminism" was the year's winner, beating out's "complicit." So 2017, right? A time capsule of our lives.

Some people spent their lunch hours furiously searching the names of accused sex offenders: Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill O'Reilly, and Louis CK all made the list. Other people turned to Google to keep tabs on the protests going on, but first they had to make sure they knew what DACA, net neutrality, and the Paris Climate Agreement are. People searched for athletes, sports events, and news stories. A lot of the most searched words on Google were of up and coming actors who starred in movies and TV shows in 2017 (and one who got engaged to a prince). 

Look through this list of the most searched keywords (their ranking on Google's list is included below) and vote up the words that you definitely remember searching for in 2017.